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LPOA - London Pedicabs Operators Association

Pedicab Shop is a member of the London Pedicabs Operators Association therefore who would like to promote the orginisations aims.

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The association's objects are to:

About LPOA

The association's history began in 2002

  • to leason across a number of operators on how to respond to an increased negative lobbing by the LTDA 
  • to inform operators on the legal fight by the LTDA with Bugbugs which would effect the industry 
  • to keep operators up to date on further negative lobbing by the LTDA 
  • during this time the PCO started a consultation to create the framework of a pedicab license
  • during this time the GLA created possitive report as to the benefits of pedicabs/rickshaws
  • Westminster initiated a 'Voluntary license schema but then pulled out
  • in October the LPOA changed parts of it's constitution to enable more members to join, and now is able to welcome more operators to get involved to support their industry

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