Code of Practice for Pedicab Operators

We, the Pedicab Operator (name)____________________ hereby certify that we will manage our operation according to the following Code of Practice for Pedicab Operators and therefore will:
  1. have in place 3rd Party Public Liability insurance (minimum £1M any one event) to cover all pedicabs owned by us and driven by pedicab drivers registered with us, for taking passengers for Hire and Reward by 28th Feb 05
  2. ensure that all drivers registered with us have signed the Code of Conduct for Pedicab Drivers (as agreed by the LPOA)
  3. Have zero tolerance to the use of drink or drugs by riders
  4. ensure that all drivers have a driving licence (valid in the UK) or have passed a written Driving Standards Agency test adapted for pedicab riders (by date to be agreed)
  5. ensure that drivers receive training in all aspects of pedicab driving and to document the training course and keep training records
  6. ensure that all drivers pass a practical on-road test (carrying passengers)
  7. register all rider personal information (full name, address, age, next of kin, phone, email, medical statement, criminal record statement and some form of positive ID eg passport, drivers licence)
  8. ensure vehicles are safe, legal and roadworthy (including lights, safety belts) and are specifically designed for carrying passengers
  9. monitor street behaviour and have in place a disciplinary procedure clearly setting out the criteria under which a rider will be penalised or dismissed
  10. in the event of the dismissal of a rider, report this to all other Pedicab Operators in the LPOA
  11. ensure that all pedicabs are maintained regularly and kept in a safe condition and to keep records of all maintenance carried out on each vehicle
  12. keep operational records to ensure that you can identify which pedicab driver was on which pedicab at any one time
  13. take steps to protect the reputation of the pedicab industry at all times
  14. have a procedure for dealing with lost property
  15. document all incidents and accidents
  16. ensure that all vehicles and drivers can be identified as being part of our operation (name plates on pedicabs / ID tags for riders (timescale to be agreed)
  17. ensure riders are over 18 years of age