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Axles, Differentials & Bearings

Maxpro Pedicabs half shaft

Half axle for Maxpro Pedicabs

The drive axle for Maxpro Pedicabs is made of super hard steel. CNC machined with galvanized layer preventing from corosion.

PRICE: £95.00

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25mm axle bearing picture

Bearing for drive axle

Machined bearing 25mm. Comes with the bearing flanges

PRICE: £14.50

Axle bolts image

Axle & differential clutching bolts

Set of two clutching bolts for differential and axles. Made of super hardened steel.

PRICE: £2.50

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Sprocket's disc image

Differential Sprocket Disc

Differential's sprocket disc. CNC machined made of alloy 6061

PRICE: £19.50

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