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Perfect twin disc brakes - Big Magura Twin only £250

Many pedicab rickshaw builders often try to find the perfect solution for braking. There always questions and confusions which braking system it’s best to choose and what size of disc should we use. There is a simple and effective solution from Magura. Big Magura Twin hydraulic disc brakes system is one the most effective twin systems for lightweight vehicles such as pedicabs or rickshaws or cargo tricycles.

Big Twins - disc brakes system image

About Magura

It’s a German company is specialising in bicycle and industrial braking systems. Magura manufacturers brakes mainly for bicycles and has been very successful in this field. For past 10 years the reputation of the company increased very significantly. The main result of that growth were very successful advertising campaigns however the products itself are also of the top end quality. So over the past couple of years Magura has gained the popularity in the bicycle industry. One of their most popular hydraulic disc brakes ‘Julie’ has proven to be a very reliable disc brake. Julie has never been one of the lightest products on the market which is quite typical for the Germans but there was however a great reputation that Julie has gained for reliability and braking performance.

Magura Julie and a birth of Big Twins

After few years of successful sales in the bicycle industry Magura has spotted a niche market. At the time there was no other company that was making purpose made twin disc systems for light weight vehicles. Magura has developed the master cylinder that was able to cope with two callipers at one go. At the time there was no lever with the piston being big enough to serve two callipers. Once this was developed Magura produced a mirrored calliper of Julie. By connecting these two together with their new master cylinder they created a BIG TWIN. The new product on the market has hit the niche. It was in fact the first mass produced twin brake system. The callipers based on the old Julie’s calliper. The brake pads and all other parts fit from the regular magura brakes making them compatible and easy to service.

Pricewise cost effective solution

Big Magura may seem to be quite costly. In the United Kingdom the retail price has been set at £320 making it quite expensive. In the United States the brand new set costs approximately $400 dollars. Considering the brakes it is in fact a very cost effective solution. The good thing about Big Magura twin brake system is that the brakes come fully assembled and bleeded. Everything that has to be done is to fit them on the vehicle. So in terms of price maybe it’s not the cheapest solution. At Pedicab Shop Big Magura is available for £250 making them 25% cheaper than the suggested RRP. It is in fact one of the best hydraulic disc brakes systems ever made. The braking performance is amazing. The brakes can easily stop the weight of up to 500kg in just few meters. They are in fact very reliable and easy to maintain so considering all the above it is a good value brake system.


Big Magura can be applied to almost any vehicle that has two wheels on one axle. It can be quad or trike and the system fits perfectly almost everywhere. The callipers have a IS International Standard 51mm fitting brackets so the application can be fitted almost everywhere. Big Magura mainly found application in pedicabs, rickshaws and cargo tricycles. Ad bikes and other types of work bikes also use these brake system.


Q: Do the fit on the Cycles Maximus rickshaws???

A: The answer to that is not to all of them as standard. All the Cycles Maximuses that originally had fitted the HOPE C2 callipers will not accept Big twin without modifications. There is however option of fitting them by drilling the chassis.

Q: How much do the brake pads cost

A: The good thing about Big Magura Twin is that the brake pads are fully compatible with Magura Julie brake pads. That means that any good bike shop should be able to supply the brake pads. The cost of teh pads varies. The orginal Magura pads cost approx £15 howver there is a large number of maufacturers producing the replacemnt OEM pads at the price of £12-13 per wheel. At Pedicab Shop the pads are available at the reduced price of £10.95 per wheel

Buy Big Magura Twin for only £250