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Beware of illegal COPIES of Maxpro pedicabs

Please beware of copies of Maxpro Pedicab products! We’ve been made aware that a high number of illegal copies of the Maxpro Exotaxi pedicab are being sold in the UK and the Netherlands (mainly London and Amsterdam). When buying a Maxpro rickshaw, please remember that the genuine Maxpro Pedicabs are only supplied by the If are unsure whether the rickshaw is a genuine Maxpro, please do contact us for a FREE verification. You can also read the full article in our blog section (link below

Poor quality copies

It took Maxpro Pedicabs 5 years to develop the right techniques in cutting, welding, and building these rickshaws to make sure that the products we offer represent the highest quality and safety. And it's no wonder that fake Maxpro pedicabs are of very poor quality - as these are made by people with no experience in engineering or product development who simply copy the product as they see it, having no idea what techniques were used to build it. We've received a high number of calls from customers who bought fake Maxpro pedicabs - being unaware that they were buying an illegal copy - and after just a few months of usage the vehicles had signs of frame cracking and structural faults.

Sample of poor quality materials used falling carriage on copy of Maxpro

How to distinguish between a copy and a genuine product?

If you are planning to purchase a Maxpro pedicab, whether new or a second-hand one, you can contact us for a FREE VERIFICATION SERVICE to make sure that the product you are going to buy is genuine. Brand new Maxpro rickshaws are only available via or directly at Maxpro Pedicabs.

Before you but a second-hand Maxpro pedicab, please just send us a photo of the rickshaw you want to buy with the chassis number and we will let you know whether the product is genuine.

Consequences of buying a COPY

Please note that if you do buy a fake Maxpro rickshaw then you won't be able to buy any spare parts from We supply the spares only to customers who bought genuine Maxpro vehicles and are registered on our database. Rouge traders selling illegal copies can offer you cheaper products but what comes with it is very poor quality, no aftersales services, and no spare parts available. And if you are running your business in a really professional way, you will know that good quality genuine product is always a more cost-effective solution.

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