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Maxpro Pedicabs, established in 2004, is an independent manufacturer of pedicab rickshaws, cargo tricycles, and mobile promotional vehicles. We specialise in high quality innovative vehicles, rather than cheap mass produced ones. We are proud to say that our brand has gained an excellent reputation in the UK - our main market, and is gaining on popularity across Europe. 

Our first rickshaw in 2004
Dipl.eng Jerzy Lozinski Maxpro's Master Engineer

About H7 Engineering

London-based H7 Engineering is a UK branch of Maxpro Pedicabs. Both H7 Engineering and Maxpro Pedicabs are involved in the design, development, and the production of pedicabs, rickshaws and cargo tricycles. H7 Engineering also operates a fleet of Maxpro pedicabs in London, offering services including pedicab hire for events. Running our own fleet helps us develop our products to perfection – learning from our riders’ experience, we always know which elements of pedicabs could do with some improvement. H7 Engineering is a member of the London Pedicabs Operators Association and it cooperates with several pedicab and rickshaw operators nationwide.

For production of our pedicabs and rickshaws we use CNC machining centres to ensure our components are made with the toughest tolerances. CNC Machining
All our components are hand welded with TIG technology to ensure that there is a highest quality of welds. TIG Welding
Once produced, all our coponents are carefully wrapped and prepared for the shipping in order to ensure that the goods arrive to it's destination untouched. Storage of bodies
At Maxpro Pedicabs we put such a great effort into our research & development. Having in a full control the entire production processes enables us to respond quickly and efficently to make any changes in our production. Before serial production, all our components are designed and analysed using a sophisticated 3D software packages such as AutoCad, EdgeCam and SolidWorks.
By doing virtual analysis we are able to test the components under different forces and stresses before we even make a first prototype.

Here is our logic:
Before we make a prototype the chassis are analysed in 3D. Frames have to be the strongest elements of the whole rickshaw in order to make sure these are safe to use for years of hard work. Chassis analysis
Individual components are also carefully analysed. Our years of experience show us how difficult it is to foresee the raliability of every part tha is why decided to check every single piece of our rickshaws. The red marks on the image show the high stress point of that component letting us know to redesign that area of the pedicab. Certain areas analysis image
The final results are very impressive as after many analysis we are ready to manufacture our first prototype which then runs a minimum of one year trials in the real use before it goes to the serial production. Body analysis image



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