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Electric Assist - from only £1195

At Maxpro, we use only the best quality hub motors from Heinzmann. These hubs are made of the highest quality alloy and have an internal gear system that gives incredibly high torque, making a vehicle great for an uphill ride. Heinzmann hub motors remain very efficient and reliable even in difficult road or whether conditions.

Electric Assit on Ecotaxi

If you use pedicabs full time on the regular basis and you already feel tired with constant pedalling just apply our hub motor to your vehicle. Electric assist enables you to move around very quickly at very cheap cost. It cost just few pence per km*.

* - cost depends on the energy supplier

batteries on the chassis twist throttle

Maxpro Pedicabs is using Heinzmann Hub Drive . Our system includes the following feautres:

  • 24V Heinzmann Hub
  • 250 W power
  • Spoked to 24'' downhill rim
  • includes 24V 3 stages electronic charger
  • Battery pack (either
  • Very economical and reliable

Motors available:

Heinzmann 24V 250W power, max torque = 46Nm, max vehicle speed = 17km/h - Middle duty usage (Good climbing ability). The perfect choice for those who live in moderate hilly area.

Non standard motors for special order only:

Hub Motor 24V 250W power, max torque = 39Nm, max vehicle speed = 20km/h - Low duty usage (Flat terrain only). The fastest motor suitable for flat terrain only.

Please note: The non standard motors may be charged at additional cost. The speeds provided apply to the motors fitted to the 24'' rim  

Please Note: The electric assist is illegal in the UK when applied to tricycles whose total weight exceeds 60kg. Please check with the local authorities if you are allowed to use electric assist. 60kg limit does not apply to other EU countries. If you wish to have the hub fitted to another rim size , please email us when making the order.
Pedal sensor Hub motor


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