MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o warrants goods sold on this website to the original owner and such gods shall be free of defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase and operated under normal conditions and use. During this one-year period, MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o shall repair or replace, at its sole option, all parts that are found by MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o to be defective and subject to this limited warranty. If not covered under the warranty the original owner shall pay all labor charges connected with the repair or replacement of all parts. There are some exclusions to parts which are covered with longer warranty.

MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o makes the following limited Warranty:

Main Frame 3 years warranty
Body 2 years warranty
Brake system 2 years for Big Twins (warranted by Magura, Germany)
Axles 3 years warranty
CNC machined parts 3 years warranty


In case there is a problem the buyer is required to contact our customer service and notify us about the issue. We will respond within 2 working days however try our best to respond within 2 hours. Customer service representative will decide whether to send replacement components or advise to send the faulty goods back to us for inspection. In case of purely mechanical issues the goods always have to be shipped back to us for inspection.


In case the goods have to be retuned, we always advise to retain the original box in case the goods need to be returned. This is a 12 month 'Return to Base' warranty which means buyer is always responsible for packaging and sending the faulty goods back to us at buyers cost. If warranty claim is accepted we will cover of repair or replacing the components and the costs of postage back to the buyer with traceable service.


1. Damage caused by the accident.

2. Misuse of the product

3. Lack of care causing the damage to the battery and other mechanical components

4. Damage caused by the deliberate intention

5. Unauthorized modification or servicing

6. Repairs carried out by an unauthorized dealer without written permission from the manufacturer

7. Failure to proof the ownership of the product (invoice, proof of purchase, sales receipt)

8. Components that are subject to natural wear and tear are not covered by warranty (i.e rims, spokes, tyres)

9. MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o does not take any liability for consequences of product failure which caused commerical or public delays in failed deliveires, late arrivals at work or at other desired places.

10. MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o shall not be responsible for covering any costs related to dismantling or refitting components.

If any of the above commited MAXPRO CNC Sp. z o.o shall reserve the right to void the warranty.

This warranty is made only to the original owner.


We do our best to solve the warranty issues as soon as possible (sometimes even on the same day) however in some unusual circumstances we may may need more time to carry on the repair of your conversion kit. We will do our best to repair your goods within 14 working days from the date of receieving your goods for warranty repair. If we can not meet this deadline we will provide new component or complete new conversion kit.